Project management system
project management system
EzProjects is a must have for any organization. The solution is designed to capture, display, report on, and resolve the complex interrelationships organizations tackle when planning and executing major projects. It maximizes the performance of any organization by tracking a single project or a portfolio of projects.

EzProjects provides both project managers and Project Management Offices (PMOs) with detailed, relevant information to keep projects on schedule and on budget. It gives the management all the information necessary to analyze the effectiveness of current projects, learn from completed projects, and make strategic decisions about pending and proposed initiatives.
Unifying the latest social media innovations within a collaborative and comprehensive project management framework, EzProjects empowers every team member, enhances accountability, drives collaboration, and supports better decisions. EzProjects delivers real-time reporting that keeps distributed projects on track.
Benefits of EzProjects

Empowers Teams
Empowers team members and teams through a comprehensive project workspace where they log and manage their individual contributions while simultaneously seeing the "big picture" of the overall project.

Drives Collaboration
Unified social media tools encourage extended information sharing throughout the project life cycle: the result is a rich and comprehensive project record, with all supporting and supplemental material easily accessible.

Maximizes Accountability, Visibility
Project Managers and Project Management Offices (PMOs) can track projects in progress with exceptional granularity, keeping them on schedule and on budget.

Aligns Goals & Priorities
Strategic planning emerges naturally with's comprehensive project record, which generates timely information that illuminates management and supports decisive action.
EzProjects open source framework is completely scalable and customizable, and can be either in-house hosted or web hosted.
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