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For a decision to be successful, insights needs to be accurate. The rapidly changing business environment requires thoughtful insight in decision making. Critical decisions about your organization’s success are made based on the data stored in your information repositories. Business Intelligence practice will help you to research and analyze the stored data to assist you strategizing, decision making, streamlines processes and understanding of your organization effectiveness.

Ezee Apps has technical experience of BI solutions and ability to optimize your business Intelligence requirements and initiatives.

The industries we focus on are: Telecom Operators, Oil & Gas, Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing & Healthcare

Our BI implementation offering includes:

  • Data discovery and visualization - Instantly visualize, interact with, and share data to spot the buried opportunities and risks nobody else can see.

  • Dashboards and Analytical Applications- Bring insight to everyone by giving your data a voice that projects a clear message and encourages exploration to the knowledge worker.

  • Predictive Analytics -  Anticipate what’s next and quickly discover what you need to do to improve customer satisfaction and gain competitive advantage.

  • Web and Desktop reporting - generate reports online or on your desktop

  • Real-time monitoring -  business decision-makers have access to both immediate, actionable intelligence and an opportunity to discover root-causes for exceptions through an interactive interface

  • Mobile Business Intelligence -  make immediate, informed decisions about the most critical aspects of your business – anytime, anywhere.

  • Advanced Collaboration Tools - Collaborate in context to accelerate more informed and transparent decisions.





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